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About Us

Who really thinks sunglasses are worth paying hundreds of dollars for? 

Are you paying for the marketing dollars and overhead costs associated with the brand instead of just the sunglasses themselves? 

Maybe you lose your sunglasses regularly, your friend "borrows" them permanently or somehow you end up sitting on them and breaking them on a regular basis.

Here in Australia, the sunglass industry has been dominated by the same brands for years and years and prices for these sunglasses have gone up significantly over recent times with no improvement to the actual quality. 

Paying hundreds of dollars all the time to replace them can be costly which is the main reason why we decided to launch our own brand.  

Being established in the "Surfing capital of Australia", Torquay, Victoria prior to relocating to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, We have seen first hand a consumer trend moving away from the premium brands to the cheaper brands just to save money. The saying "You get what you pay for" is definitely applicable to the sunglass industry so even though you save money by buying some of the cheaper brands, you lose out on the quality that comes with the premium brands.  

That's where we come in. 

We spent 18 months searching for a manufacturer than could provide us with affordable, European quality sunglasses and that would allow us to retail them for under $100. 

We wanted to do our part for the environment, so we found a manufacturer that would allow us to use 58% vegetable extracts in our frames as opposed to being all petroleum based products. 

We wanted lightweight, durable and flexible frames, so we use a material called Grilamid, which meets all these requirements.  

We wanted to use the same lens technology as other premium brands, so we use Liquid Injected Polarised Lenses or REVO Mirror lenses in all our models. 

We wanted our sunglasses to provide protection in all environments. Our entire range meets and exceeds the Australian and New Zealand Standard for sunglasses AS/NZS 1067:2003

Most of all, we wanted a range of sunglasses that not only look stylish are also extremely comfortable to wear. 

Next time you are looking to buy sunglasses, just remember, pay for the quality, not the marketing.